Rental Plus Panel

An exceptional visual feature of racks from the Panel line is their design with a wide steel panel and a stainless handle attached to the front column. The panel can be covered and its color selected according to the RAL color palette. Rental Plus is a multifunctional rack for storing skis, snowboards, bindings and ski poles. As the first Polish product, it won a prestigious ISPO Award Winner in the Rental & Service Equipment (2014/15) category.

The rack has a system for fixing aluminum crossbars for snowboards and levels for hooks and poles on many different heights – to store equipment of different type and size.

One side of the rack consists of an attached to the frame steel basket for storing rental snowboard bindings. A hood and aluminum crossbars with attached special plastic grips are located in the upper part. The grips are used to stabilize snowboards in a vertical position. Blue plastic grips are arranged in equal small distance from one another so that the capacity of the rack is incredibly large and shop’s floor can be used efficiently.

The other side of the rack has been designed to store a large quantity of junior skis and ski poles on two steel levels with adequate hooks. Each hook is covered with anti-slip special rubber material that guarantees stable and safe storage of equipment. Three pairs of junior skis can be kept on one hook. Hooks for ski poles are made of two steel arms in a characteristic shape and up to four pairs of poles can be kept between them.

For a more robust construction, 2000 and 2400mm Rental Plus racks are equipped with an additional column in the middle that divides aluminum crossbars and steel levels into two parts. Thanks to this feature, crossbars and levels can be fixed on different heights, and therefore, snowboards, skis and ski poles of different lengths can be stored in one rack.

The shape of the hood prevents the dripping water from accumulating, as it is drained off outside.

Rack elements exposed to corrosion are made of powder-coated galvanized steel.


  • Multifunctional solution for storing junior skis, snowboards, bindings and poles
  • large capacity for storing equipment of different length and type
  • hood and special aluminum crossbars for keeping snowboards in a vertical position
  • storage of 3 pairs of junior skis on hooks covered with a special anti-slip material
  • aluminum crossbars and steel levels can be fixed on different heights
  • 2000 and 2400mm racks have an additional column in the middle that divides crossbars and levels into two parts
  • made of powder-coated galvanized steel
  • design with a wide elegant panel and a stainless handle
  • available with rail system, on wheels or feet
Délka Šířka Výška Kapacita*
1500 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 30 + 15 + 124
1800 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 40 + 18 + 156
2000 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 40 + 21 + 168
2400 mm 800 mm 2420 mm 50 + 27 + 200

*Number of snowboards + junior ski pairs + pole pairs

Rental Plus Panel

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