Top MiniPanel

An exceptional visual feature of the MiniPanel line is its design with a stylish white panel and a grey handle attached to the front column.

Top rack consists of a steel frame, columns, a water container and aluminum crossbars with specially designed plastic clips for skis. The rack’s exceptional feature is its impressive presentation of skis that are angled at 30˚ in relation to the rack axis and therefore more visible to the customers. This angled position of skis is enabled by light blue plastic clips attached to the top and bottom crossbars of the rack.

Apart from a better display, clips ensure a good grip of skis on the rack and make them immobile.

Adjustable height of crossbars enables the storage of skis of different sizes – from junior skis to longer giant slalom skis.

The shape of the water container prevents the water from residing and drains it off. Rack elements exposed to corrosion are made of powder-coated galvanized steel.


  • skis displayed at a 30˚ angle for a better presentation of ski equipment
  • stable and fixed storage of skis in the rack
  • adjustable height of aluminum crossbars
  • made of powder-coated and galvanized steel
  • available in the rail system, on wheels or feet
  • interesting design thanks to an elegant combination of a white panel with a grey handle
  • water container for draining off water
Délka Šířka Výška Kapacita
1500 mm 500 mm 1400 mm 24
1800 mm 500 mm 1400 mm 28
2000 mm 500 mm 1400 mm 32
2400 mm 500 mm 1400 mm 38

*calculated for an average width of carving skis

Top MiniPanel

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