Top Plus MiniPanel

An exceptional visual feature of the MiniPanel line is its design with a stylish white panel and a grey handle attached to the front column.

Top Plus rack consists of an upper and lower part. The lower part’s construction includes a frame, hood and aluminum crossbars with specially designed plastic grips for skis. Above the skis, in the upper part of the rack, there are three shelves for storing junior boots, helmets or other accessories. A unique feature of the rack is its attractive display of skis which are better visible for customers thanks to their 30 degree angle position against the rack axis. Such a angled position is possible thanks to blue plastic grips that are attached to the upper and lower crossbars of the rack. Apart from a better display, the grips guarantee that the skis are kept safely in place and they do not move.

Thanks to the regulated height of crossbars in the lower part and of the shelves in the upper part of the rack, it is possible to store winter equipment of different types and sizes. Apart from an incredible stability, the rack also guarantees a comfortable placement and removal of the equipment.

The shape of the hood prevents the dripping water from accumulating as it is drained off outside.

Rack elements that are exposed to corrosion are made of powder-coated galvanized steel.


  • suitable for storing skis, boots, helmets and other accessories
  • 30 degree angle position for a better display of ski equipment
  • incredibly safe and stable position of skis in the rack
  • regulated height of aluminum crossbars
  • made of powder-coated galvanized steel
  • hood draining off water
  • interesting design thanks to an elegant combination of a white panel with a grey handle
  • rack available in a rail system, on wheels or feet
Délka Šířka Výška Kapacita*
1500 mm 500 mm 2420 mm 24 + 15 / 18
1800 mm 500 mm 2420 mm 28 + 18 / 21
2000 mm 500 mm 2420 mm 32 + 21 / 24
2400 mm 500 mm 2420 mm 38 + 24  / 30

*calculated for an average width of carving skis and boots up to 24.0 size (pairs of skis + pairs of boots / helmets)

Top Plus MiniPanel

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